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Dunkin Donuts- Maryland

We saved $2000/year/store for Raj Patel – Dunkin Donuts Owner of 4 locations in Maryland state

Client Speaks

“We are glad that we chose EAG services for our four locations, we have reduced our operating expenses which is improving our profit margin”

Raj Patel, Dunkin Donuts- Maryland

Dunkin Donuts- Connecticut

We saved $8000 over a period of year for Jay Patel – Dunkin Donuts Owner of 3 locations in Connecticut state

Client Speaks

“As our energy broker, EAG helped us to save up to 20% on our electricity cost at all three locations. EAG underwent a thorough analysis of our usage and needs, and came up with the solutions for optimal utilization of energy”

Jay Patel, Dunkin Donuts- Connecticut